4 Lessons on Grief from Fast and Furious 7


Fast and Furious 7 released with much anticipation following the death of one of the leading heartthrobs, Paul Walker. Paul was killed in an auto accident while filming the movie and out of respect for his coworkers who had become his friends, along with Paul’s family, production halted for almost 6 months. What were they going to do now that Paul was gone? He had filmed a great portion of the movie so how would the movie progress now that he was no longer around? How would the movie end? There were a lot of questions then, but plenty of answers now that the movie has been released. What one can learn from the movie about grief is:


Sharing– A part of grief is sharing your pain and happy memories of the one you lost in a way that is unique and comfortable for you. No one can create that time for sharing except you. You can only do it when you are ready.


Remembering– It is great to remember what the person meant to you and how the loss has impacted you. Remember the good times, challenging times and times of laughter that you and the person shared.


Laughter– Even with grief, one can laugh if he/she chooses to embrace the joyous times that were shared with the loved one.


Living– While one person is gone and that absence is felt, life can and should go on. While it is more challenging for some than it is for others to move forward, it is important to getting beyond the pain and healing.


I highly recommended that people see this movie and how Paul’s friends, director and studios really paid a special tribute to a fallen soul. Paul Walker was special, loved and a friend. He will be missed and this movie did a great honor to him, his family and friends.


Check the movie out and let us know what you thought about it. As always, thanks to Universal Studios for the complimentary passes to see the movie.


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