Why Be Like Me?

  I often hear people say, “I  wish I could be like you,” or “I wish I were you sometimes”. Do you really wish that upon yourself? What I try to get folk to realize is that the life I have lived hasn’t been easy. The stripes I bear on my back, under my clothes are deep and the scars are still there. While they have healed over the years, they are still proof of…

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See The Potential

Everyone has the potential to be better. Why not encourage others and be encouraged to live a better life? The alcoholic has the potential to become sober; the drug addict has the potential to stay clean; the                                                      , has the potential to… (fill in the blank). I encourage you to see the potential in yourself, but also see the potential of greatness in others. Give opportunities when others think it is not warranted, because you…

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