BOOK REVIEW: Society Says by Shoya Allen



I think I have become somewhat of a speed reader these past few years and can usually zoom through a book if the interest is there. I recently attended a book signing to purchase a book by Shoya Bowman-Allen called, Society Says: Pretending to be Perfect in an Imperfect World. This is her second book, which, according to Shoya, was based off of several factors to include her fist book, Goodbye Don’t Always Mean Gone, her award winning stage play, Loves Got A Hold On Me, her personal life experiences and of course, inflated drama. In knowing Shoya and having worked with her, I wanted to bring a solid unbiased approach to reading the book and giving an honest review.


photo credit of Shoya Bowman-Allen.
photo credit of Shoya Bowman-Allen.


The fiction novel is about the main character Stacy, who has a whole lot of “issues” she is dealing with to include struggling with faith, new men, old flames, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, values, career and collaborating with others.You are taken on a journey of Stacy’s life as she struggles hard with these “issues” and trying to discover who she really is as a person. There was a bit of humor, real-life issues related to domestic/verbal/sexual abuse, a bit of friendship drama and definitely other inflated juicy drama. Overall, it was a decent read that one could finish completely within several hours.

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RATING: tiaratiaratiara 3 Tiaras out of 5

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