Do YOU Want A Healthy Marriage?

How can you be encouraged to have a healthy marriage when the signs of divorce are posted everywhere?  We see it in celebrities, friends, family and strangers alike; all going through oftentimes devastating divorces. I have learned from past experiences that a marriage can be healthy and happy, but both individuals have to put in the work. Take some time to ask yourself the following questions about your marital situation: Why did I get married?…

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What Steers Your Airplane of Marriage?

Have you ever taken a ride on an airplane? As you know, there is a pilot and co-pilot who steer and fly the plane. They work together and communicate with each other to ensure you have a safe flight and landing. Not all people understand what takes place when an airplane is preparing for landing, but quite a bit of communication takes place between the pilot and co-pilot, to ensure your safety. First, the pilot…

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