CELEBRITY: Men talk real about Faith & Relationships




I LOVE it when a group of sexy men get together to talk real about relationships, and more so when they add the very important component of Faith. I recently attended a “Straight Talk, No Chaser” discussion, where smart and talented celebrity men were on the panel to discuss relationships. What intrigued me about these guys was the fact that they all agreed on several things that they thought were important for women to know, when it comes to being in relationships.

1. HONESTY– It is important for men to be honest with themselves and the women they are trying to connect with. “I want a woman that is not only God-fearing, but that is honest with me and with herself,” noted Christian Keyes.

2. FAITH– It is important to know whether a woman has God in her life and whether she prays or not. LaRoyce Hawkins noted, “I look to see if she blesses her food when we go out. If I bow my head to pray before eating and she looks at me with a confused look, then I know something is just not right“. Damon Williams noted, “I want to know that if I am traveling somewhere, I can trust that she will be at church or something singing in the choir“.

3. LISTENING– If a man tells you something specific regarding whether he wants to be in a relationship or not, and his actions align, believe him PLEASE. “Women must hear what he said and not make it something they want him to say,” noted Shannon Cason.

There was so much more talked about and joked about, but I will save that blog for later! In the mean time, support these guys and what they are doing in the industry. Oh, thanks Cynthia Boykin of What You Need Is for all of your support,and Takisha Walters for hosting the discussion.

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