Chicago White Sox Family Sundays




I love summertime in Chicago. There’s always great food, great events and great times with family and friends. I love what I do because I get to go to cool places and interact with the most amazing individuals. I recently attended Family Sunday’s at U.S. Cellular field, which is home to one of the best baseball teams ever formed, Chicago White Sox.  It started at Reggie’s on 21st and State Street in Chicago, where baseball lovers go to eat a buffet of food before the game. When its game time, people load on buses and head to the baseball park to enjoy some good ole Chicago baseball. After the game, people can go back on buses to Reggie’s to enjoy more buffet food before rolling home and calling it a night. If you are really up to it, you can pack a picnic basket in the car and join other families on the baseball field for a community picnic.





Now for me, I cannot resist one of my favorite desserts…funnel cake. I made sure to grab me one as I relaxed for a bit in “Loretta’s Lounge” and listened to the game. Afterwards while heading out, I simply could not resist the Chevy Cruze car that just so happened to match my outfit I was wearing. Aren’t we adorable together?

20140803_155109I LOVE Chicago…Don’t you? @royalsnippets @dawgelene


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