Divorce? 5 Marriage Survival Tips from San Andreas Movie

Most know that I am an extreme advocate for marriage and for individuals making their marriages work and survive. As a fairly recent widow (July 2012) I have those days where I wish I could have not fussed about one thing or been more willing to forgive about something else. We live and we learn right? As I navigate my reinvented life as a widow, I tend to pay more attention to relationship/marriage situations and provide “enlightenment”. Seeing that my hubby and I focused on marriage restoration and ministry, I just still have those values and views and will not compromise them as I continue forward on this healing journey.

I watched the San Andreas movie starring Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. It’s a movie about a first responder that is going through a divorce (not one that he initiated), but he and his wife have to partner up to save their remaining daughter from disaster during the massive earth quakes along the San Andreas fault.
Let me first say that this movie was awesome in 3D. The special effects, action and overall acting were really good. Now on to my marriage survival tips from the movie.

  1. Communication– Communication is critical in any relationship, but effective communication is the key. How you and your partner communicate with each other is so important but also understanding each other’s mode of communication is equally important.
  2. Forgiveness– We often fight/argue over the tiniest things in our relationships. Some things may warrant a bit more frustration than others (infidelity), but do you really want to live your life being an unforgiving person? Forgiveness not only hurts others, but it hurts you as well. When considering forgiveness, learn to forgive yourself. We sometimes hold on to things that have happened while others have moved on or moved beyond that situation. Give yourself a break sometimes.
  3. Endurance– Over the course of our lives, we have learned to deal with racism, injustice, inequality, challenging times, death, etc, but we can’t take a hit when it comes to our relationships. Learn a bit more endurance and working through the tough times before throwing in the towel and giving up. You will deal with a low paying job and a bully boss for years but not deal with a mate that has some challenges you need to work through. Really? We must do better if we are to keep the family system in order.
  4. Trust– It is really hard to open your heart to someone and learn to trust. We become so vulnerable in that state of being and any false move can send us in a downward spiral, especially if we have been scorned by love or grief. An important part of trusting someone is effective communication but more importantly, a level of respect and love for that person. In a relationship, when you trust someone, you are telling him or her that you are willing to be vulnerable and open to him or her. It isn’t always easy, but a necessary part of a successful relationship.
  5. Respect– I wrote a book on respect that is an acronym (get your FREE copy here). Generally speaking, respecting each other’s values, views, place and space in life, jobs and who they are as a person, are all-important parts of a successful relationship. I also believe in loving on your husband and reverencing him as your king. Not all agree and that is OK because we all have opinions and ways that we think make our relationships work, so do what works for you. However, what has given me great success is submission to the one God designed me specifically to walk with.

Overall, this was a great movie with so much action, relationship tips and great acting. Be sure to support this movie.





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