Genuinely Kevin: A Look At The Good Guy Kevin Costner


by Dawj Sangster– I am not sure if many can say that sat down with legends, but I am happy to say I did in my lifetime. Kevin Costner visited Chicago recently and I got to meet him, Mike Binder and Anthony Mackie for lunch with several journalist from the Chicago area. Not only was the food great, but we had a great roundtable discussion on race (he was promoting the movie Black or White), family, death and even helping others.


As many know, I lost my husband James to brain cancer in 2012. In this movie, Kevin loses his wife and becomes a widow and has to move forward tackling life without her. We talked about what playing that role felt like but he also spoke so fondly of his wife, Christine, whom he adores. It isn’t often we bloggers and journalists get to talk with celebrities that we feel are so real, transparent and genuinely nice.


Kevin is a great guy that I think really connects with people and he genuinely wants to help people, all people, excel. His love for life, giving and family is felt in his conversations and we bloggers and journalists can always appreciate great connections with great celebrities!


Kevin gets 5 tiaras in my book for being such a great and genuine guy! Oh, the delicious food and paid parking was a plus.


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