HEALTH: The SECRET to my weight loss success!


After 40lb weight loss 2014 visiting hubby at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery


Imagine being in high school again and looking fabulous in those size 6 jeans. You know what I’m talking about and you surely remember those days of looking drop dead gorgeous and turning heads as you walked the hallways of high school and college with that petite figure and high-level, in your face confidence. As you expanded your horizons of life and started careers and families, on came the expansion of your waistline, thighs and hips from late nights of working, studying, binge eating and fast food fill-ups. You are now 30, 40 or 50+, and you realize the last size 6 you saw was a 16 or 26. Long gone are those days of flat bellies, belly tops and petite shopping. As a matter of fact, you realize each time you go to the store, the sizes you search for get bigger and bigger. Out of frustration you tell yourself, “it’s baby fat,” but your baby is now 21 years old! Go figure!

dawj-2010 SU-weight

That is where I was in 2010 telling myself that my fat was baby fat, when my youngest at that time was 17 years old. 17 years of baby fat huh?!  I had hit what we call “rock bottom in my weight loss lies to myself and others”.



STOP telling lies to myself and START moving!


A change needed to happen in my health life. I had to make a change and stop lying to myself and making excuses on why I was busting out of every outfit, and still had tags on clothes that I kept promising to fit. When I attended a 40th birthday celebration for a friend and looked at the pictures, I was disgusted with how big I had gotten. Don’t get me wrong, being “thick” in all of the right places and an hourglass shape was my size for years but this was just not me anymore.  I was so disgusted that I decided to make a change for the better…for ME! I had already become a semi-vegetarian (I only eat certain fish), but I needed to get moving, shaking and get back to the real healthy me.


Since that time, I’ve lost a total of 55lbs (give or take a few depending on THAT time of the month) and counting. I had tried many diets to include HCG (500 calories/day starvation), Lipo-Ignite, Lemonade Diet (burned my stomach), Hydroxy Cut (non-stop cramps) and B-12 Injections. I also tried exercise programs to include FML training, Zumba and INSANITY. While I did get some results with B-12 injections and Lipo-Ignite; probably a total of 15lbs and borderline starvation, my BIGGEST results came from my FML training (Coach Morris Brent), Zumba and INSANITY (Coach Eric Pelz) workouts, and eating healthier as a Pescatarian (semi-vegetarian that only eats fish). I could probably throw in an additional 10lbs from stress during the time of my husband’s and sister’s death within a month of each other in 2012, while my son was also deployed to Afghanistan at the same time.

I can remember when my husband was on hospice (brain cancer) and I didn’t want to leave the house, I would exercise either on the treadmill or pop in a zumba/INSANITY DVD and hit the floor. He looked over at me one day and wanted to know why I was working so hard to exercise. I told him that I wanted to keep looking good for him. Of course he gave me a gentle smile with a slightly confused look on his face and said, “…but you are already beautiful”. Needless to say I cried, exercised more and truly appreciated that compliment from him.


I have managed to maintain a 52-55lb weight loss and still have another 20 pounds to go before I am back at my premarital weight (we were married from 1999 until he died in 2012 and he was a great cook, but that’s another blog). Being a widow now and having the desire to be married again, I want to continue to feel good about my size and healthy eating habits, but also look great for my future King! But now, there is another dilemma!


What’s a girl to do when all the weight is gone, the body is slimmer and there are pockets of flapping fat? Oh, I’m sorry. I guess the correct term is probably “excessive skin” that all of the crunches, situps, squats and pushups just can’t totally fix. Hmmmmm…Suggestions? Check out my other blog on toning this stuff up! Beach time!


Got any suggestions for me? Any toning tips? Respond here or on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or email! I adore you!



  • Pam Jackson

    You look fabulous! It takes a renewed way of thinking, making health eating choices and changing old habits. Thank you for sharing. On this road too and loving it. The new energy is great! Congratulations to you!

    • Dawgelene "Dr Dawj"

      Heeey Pam! Girl it has been QUITE the journey and I swear it is a day by day process. You look fabulous as well! Thank you!

  • Awh shucks! Thanks Dawj! It was a pleasure working with you and being a part of your fitness journey!!!!


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