I Affirm My Womanhood

I affirm that I am a woman and love all that it entails;
The good days, the challenging days
The good people, the challenging people
The friends old and new
The loves lost and love gained
The relationships severed and relationships mended
The natural beauty that I possess even on my “no make-up” days
The look of my body even after age has caught up with me
The hugs I give and the hugs I receive
The love I give and the love I receive
The way I can hold an intelligent conversation or be humorous just because I can
The way I take care of home, children, work and still can be presentable and have energy for my love
The way he makes me feel, just when I need to feel it, and how I reciprocate that feeling and action without hesitation
The ability to continue walking in my purpose to create change in the lives of the people I encounter
Most importantly, that God loves me unconditionally and renews me each day to rise again and start from the beginning
I affirm that I am a woman..A virtuous woman…and I love being me

Dr Dawj

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