MILITARY: Son returns to Veterans cemetery to introduce his new wife to Dad



The two-year mark of my husband’s death has come and gone but not without fond memories of just how great of a guy he was. What I am most proud of was his love for being a husband, a military veteran and a Chicago Police officer. He served this country and the city well so when my son decided to join the military, I was scared but happy. He actually went to boot camp right after hubby was diagnosed with the brain tumor. Throughout the course of his training, I struggled in taking care of hubby, while missing my son and also knowing that my husband’s time was limited. Hubby hung with us long enough to visit my son at his military graduation in Fort Benning, Ga. It was a tough and sometimes painful trip from what I observed, but hubby wanted nothing more than to watch him graduate and capture the images of that day, which he did.


Some months later he lost his battle one week after my son was shipped to Afghanistan. He returned home and was so strong for all of us throughout the funeral, burial and the beginning of the healing process. So his last visit to the Veterans cemetery was July of 2012, when he carried hubby’s casket to the area where we said our final goodbyes. This year, he returned home to not only visit, but to marry his high school sweetheart (which I will chat about in another blog). The day before he left to return to his home base, he called me up and said he wanted to visit the cemetery as a “husband and soldier” that hubby could be proud of, and to take his new wife.


We arrive, find the headstone and he starts talking to the sky/hubby about being a great soldier, making muscles like he did when hubby was alive and then he did something that amazed me. He grabbed my daughter-in-law and said, “here she is pops. I finally married her and took the big step. I AM A HUSBAND AND SOLDIER”. Then he chuckled and they both knelt down to to place a flag in the ground by the headstone. I watched in awe as this once tiny little guy who now stood almost 6 feet tall with muscles, found honor in introducing his new wife to someone he loved and respected. That’s what I call a #soldier.


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  • Excellent and very touching story. It brought tears to my eyes reading it and seeing the old military photo of James. Congratulations to your son and I pray you have been blessed. Monica Plaid

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