Movie: Run All Night


Actors: Liam Neeson, Common, Ed Harris and Joel Kinnaman


Overview: I thought it would be the typical Liam Neeson movie where they kidnap his daughter and he fights to get her back. This movie was similar in that he had a son, but it was a long lost son that he was now trying to help and keep alive. Ed Harris and Neeson play long time mob buddies where Neeson got out of the game and left to “protect” his family, Ed’s son is trying to get deep into the game to excel in the “wrong” way, against his father, play by Ed Harris wishes.


Kinnagan plays a good guy son that hates his father for leaving but now has to rely on him for help because he witnesses a murder by Harris son and now his life is on the line because Neeson is forced to kill Harris’s son.


They can’t trust anyone but each other and this situation pits Harris and Neeson against one another in a quest for Neeson to keep his son alive. Then enters Common, who Harris hires as a hit man. The non-stop action follows that kept me wanting more with anticipation.


Final Thoughts: I was on the edge of my seat watching this movie. It was so good with so much great acting by all parties. Common was one gorgeous and serious hit man! I really enjoyed this movie and highly recommend seeing it. Warner Brothers has done it again!


Royal Rating:tiaratiaratiaratiara


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