MOVIE REVIEW: The Forgotten Four

Bruce Herron (l), Me (c) and Ronnie Bull (r)


by Dawgelene Sangster– EPIX & the Chicago Bears had a special advanced screening of the upcoming EPIX Original Documentary film, Forgotten Four: The Integration of Pro Football.  The film is from Emmy award winning producer Ross Greenburg, and tells the story of four African-American athletes — Marion Motley, Woody Strode, Kenny Washington and Bill Willis – who are all credited with breaking through the racial lines of professional football in 1946. While Most credit Jackie Robinson with breaking the color barrier in the world of sports in 1947, these guys have been largely overlooked until now for the roll they played early on.


I loved the film. It was a short documentary with a running time of 59 minutes and was powerful. While the film depicted racial challenges there were commonly known during that era for African-Americans, I enjoyed the portrayal of how the young men handled those challenges. Given this day and time now where African-American males are often depicted negatively with violent resolutions to problems, this film showed how the choices that we make in any situation, is what determines the outcome and perceptions. After the movie, there was an empowerment chat with Bears All Access co-host Zach Zaidman; along with Bears alumni, Ronnie Bull and Bruce Herron. This is a “must see” documentary!


What: Forgotten Four: The integration of Pro Football

When: September 23, 2014 8:00pm EDT

Where: on Epix


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