Movie Screening: “Blackish” Chicago Screening





by Alicia Scott– I recently attended the pre-screening VIP event for Black*ish in Chicago. Black*ish stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, middle class African American parents who struggle with living the American dream while still trying to hold on to their culture and identity as African Americans.  A key point is that it addresses colorism within the African American community; in addition to showing that one does not have to be a product of their environment, especially if it is perceived as negative. Anthony Anderson and Traci Ellis Ross do a great job of personifying this part of the black community.


This show will be like nothing else on TV right now. It has a focus that is catered to the African American family in a positive way, while also teaching and encouraging children to be themselves and not forget their cultural history. I highly recommend everyone tune in September 24th for this series premiere! Don’t miss it!


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