ANIMALS: Pitbull and Furry Friend Resources


Having adopted and inherited Pitbulls, in addition to delivering and raising puppies, I know all too well the struggle of Pitbull discrimination. When people see you walking the dog, they assume they are vicious and start to run for cover. Daycare is hard because most places won’t allow your babies to play with the other dogs for fear of aggression. If they are part of the same litter, some places won’t allow you to board them together if you have to go out of town, which makes the cost of boarding higher. The few places I have found that not only offer Pitbull training for free, but they also really work with your Pitbulls and don’t discriminate. Check the out!

Paradis 4 Paws


I love this place because the staff is amazing, they really love your dogs and love taking care of them. The facility is big and luxurious. They offer doggy daycare, overnight boarding; and even have a pool for the dogs. The suites are nice and they have some suites with cameras so you can check on your pooches while you are away. You receive report cards on the dogs behavior and overall “personality” after their stay. They assess the dog’s behavior around other dogs and work to socialize or spend individual play time with them. Spa services are available and for now, locations are in Chicago, Dallas and Denver.



I love Mel over at Mr. K9. He trains police dogs and all dogs. He offer FREE Pitbull training for owners in the Chicagoland area. People travel from out of state to his facility because he is well know for training dogs and specifically Pitbulls. Check him out if you have a Pitbull and need training. You will be happy with the results.


Best Friends


This site is all about working together to save the animals whether they are dogs, cats or other furry friends. I like that they have special resources for Pitbull owners and advocates.

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