The Reasons Why We Are Here

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if there were no you and you didn’t exist? We have families, friends, animals, strangers and things that we have touched throughout our lifetime that had an effect like rippled water in someone’s life. When that happens, it sparks change and plants a seed; whether good or bad, that will either grow in someone’s life or potentially kill their spirit.


Our lives are important and we live because:


  • We were meant to be here.

  • Our children that we love so dearly would not have existed without us.

  • Our soul mate would have been lonely without us.

  • The stranger that we gave a kind word to had no hope, and we planted a seed of hope in their life.

  • We are a voice for those that either can’t or are afraid to speak up for themselves.

  • We are legs and limbs for those that don’t have them.

  • The person that fell down needed someone to pick them up.

  • The person that couldn’t see needed us to be eyes for them.

  • We are friends to the friendless.

  • We provide shelter to the homeless.

  • Someone needed a shoulder to cry on.

  • Someone needed a hug.

  • Our life has a purpose.


It was meant for us to be here at this very moment and to realize that our journey is touching so many lives in ways that we can never imagine. Our success, stories, progress, failures, good days and challenging days all have a purpose. Make it a point to tell yourself each day that your life and this journey has a purpose. Try to plant seeds of life in others and watch the boomerang come back to you just when you need it.

Remember, you live because YOU ARE WORTH IT!


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