REVIEW: Cupcake Gangsters



Company: Cupcake Gangsters

Product: Desserts (cupcakes)

Location: Chicago but mobile truck vendor

Twitter: ccakegangsters

Facebook: Cupcake Cangsters

by Dawgelene “Dr Dawj” Sangster– I am a dessert lover and really enjoy tasty desserts that are cooked with love. This week while visiting the Hyde Park neighborhood in Chicago, our Royal team (Alicia and I), decided to grab dessert. We saw this big pink and brown truck with a giant cupcake painted on it that said, “Cupcake Gangsters”.



I beat Alicia dashing across the street to figure out what this truck, with the tough looking cupcake logo on it was all about. They had a selection of cupcakes to choose from but I chose Chocolate cheesecake, while Alicia chose 24 carrot cupcake.



Well, their cute little packaging and truck was nothing compared to the delicious taste of the desserts. I was pleasantly surprised to find cream cheese filling in the center of my cupcake and it was delicious, while Alicia enjoyed the flavor of the 24 carrot cupcake. We both agree that this dessert truck lives up to the motto of, “we’re gonna make you a cupcake you can’t refuse“.

Royal Rating:

tiara tiara tiara

3 tiaras out of 5!

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