REVIEW: Earth To Echo movie


I love a good movie that you can laugh and cry with, that is also family-friendly. A group of bloggers and influencers in Chicago had a chance to watch a screening of Earth to Echo, a movie in theaters now.



The movie was one of those where its told by someone that is filming the movie as it goes along. It started out with a group of teens who have to face the reality that they will have to part ways, because of neighborhood issues that cause their families to move. A night of final good-byes, send the teens on a journey across Nevada in search of a signal that ends up being that of the CUTEST little alien being, lost and trying to get home. The teens spend the night trying to find the spaceship and get the alien home on bikes, cars and trucks; facing at times, dangerous encounters. All of this while dealing with friendship memories, separation issues, fear, care for others and laughter. We had a blast and all agree that the movie was well worth the time spent with family.

RATING: tiaratiaratiaratiara4 Tiaras out of 5

Be sure to check out Earth To Echo movie in theaters now, and use the hashtag #EarthToEcho.Special Thanks to Relativity Media and Azure.

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