REVIEW: Lucy Movie


I love a good science themed movie that gets to the heart of how our minds and bodies work, specifically the brain. I am such a sci-fi chick so when asked to cover Lucy movie #LucyCHI screening, I welcomed the opportunity to see the movie which stars Scarlett Johannsen and Morgan Freeman. I had a chance to invite some of Chicago’s elite taste-makers to the pre-screening hour, in which they enjoyed delectable desserts, bites and wine from the cocktail lounge at the Kerasotes Icon at 150 West Roosevelt Road in Chicago. Chicago notables came out to include Nicoh David, Carl West, Kevin Ross, Anita Bennett and Maryella Lindsey. There were out-of-town guests and who could forget the military newlyweds, The Scotts; all there to support the pre-screening and enjoy the movie.

Yes, I have a cast on my leg and I am walking on crutches, but I still have to work and earn a living doing what I love to do. In the movie, Writer/Director Luc Besson draws you in little by little as the movie unfolds, and has you wondering what happens when the brain actually uses 100% of its capacity.  I found myself on the edge of my seat just waiting to see how the movie would end and at one point, creating my own imaginary ending with explosions, debris flying and the lone Scarlett Johannson ruling the world. Ok, maybe not ruling the world, but definitely having some supreme power. It is a good movie if you like sci-fi and enjoy action.

RATING: tiaratiaratiara 3 out of 5 tiaras

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