REVIEW: The Equalizer and Denzel is a HIT!



by Dawgelene Sangster- I am a Denzel Washington fan so of course I saw the movie…TWICE! In “The Equalizer” movie, Denzel plays a former Black Ops military guy, who is retired and living a quiet and hidden life. He works everyday, helps people and reads lots of books. He meets a young Russian girl who is forced into sexual slavery by Russian gangsters and wants a way out. After conversations with McCall, played by Denzel Washington, she starts to believe that she can get out. When standing up for herself against one of her clients, she is beaten badly by the Russian gang leader. Then enters McCall to save the day, and that he did.

This movie was “edge of your seat, I can’t believe that just happened, oh my God this is awesome” action! I love Denzel in this movie and I believe you will enjoy the movie as well. If you watch it let me know what you think. If you already watched it, what were your thoughts about the movie?

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ROYAL RATING: tiaratiaratiaratiara

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