Tyson Beckford and Boris Kodjoe talk relationships, heartbreak and ADDICTED


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by Dawgelene Sangster- Yes, I got to interview a couple of the darling hunks of Zane’s new Addicted movie, Tyson C Beckford and Boris Kodjoe! These two are talented, smart, funny and TAKEN ladies, but one can only dream right!? Here is a tiny recap of our interview and what these fellas had to say about the movie, communication in relationships and working with Sharon Leal.


QUESTION: How did you get prepared for this role Tyson?

Tyson– I was already the playboy in a sense from the fashion world. One thing I have never done was mess around with a married woman so playing this role was interesting. Married women would always approach me but I would never play into it. This is a really great movie and it made me think that I would never want anything like that to happen to me and my wife, but I had to take that away and play the role of the lover. I know some guys like Corey (my character) and they don’t have any regard to what they are doing to a family; they are home wreckers.


QUESTION: What was it like working with Sharon Leal?

Tyson/Boris– Sharon is amazing and very talented, but a good kisser too! She was put through the wringer, so to speak, in playing this role. Some days she would show up and be so tired after dealing with us guys on set all day. But as soon as the camera would come on, she would be back in character and ready to roll. She is amazing and the real star of this movie. She is the one that will really sell the story and captivate you with her performance. You will love her for the role and maybe hate her at times, but she shines for sure in this role.


QUESTION: Have either of you had your hearts broken before?

Boris– Of Course! But in all of that, you have to know who you are as an individual and work on you first, or you will just be searching for someone to fill a void that you need to fill from within first.

Tyson- why do women find that so hard to believe that my heart has been broken before? I have been cheated on a couple of times because my work schedule is so crazy. I travel a lot and I have visited many places. I recall visiting internationally and was gone for 3+ months doing work and was dating a girl before I left. I came home thinking we would be together and she was so different and I knew something was wrong. It happens and it doesn’t matter who you are or who you are with. It’s life.

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QUESTION: What do you want an individual or couples to get from this movie?

Tyson– works on each other and communicate for sure. You have to communicate with each other. Zoe’s character doesn’t tell her great husband what she wants and I think that if you tell your partner what you want, I think they are going to put forth the effort and try harder and if it doesn’t work out, then seek professional help and get some sort of counseling to make it work.

Boris– Maybe some things are not meant to be in regards to relationships and it’s easier to part ways in those instances.  However, when you are married, it’s different. Some people get married for the wrong reasons and then find out later it’s not working. They haven’t found out what they really wanted to begin with. Many people get married in their 20’s and they have no idea who they are just yet, so it takes time. Work on you first.


QUESTION: Why should audiences see this movie?

Boris– It’s a revelation; a personal liberating experience. You leave the theater knowing that its OK to be who you are, have different desires but face those temptations and communicate, communicate, communicate with your mate.

Tyson– whether you go alone or with your mate, you will learn something about this movie and yourselves, especially around communication. It highlights the things that happen when you do communicate and when you don’t. It’s a good journey of discovery and Zane did a great job with it.

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