Why Be Like Me?


I often hear people say, “I  wish I could be like you,” or “I wish I were you sometimes”. Do you really wish that upon yourself? What I try to get folk to realize is that the life I have lived hasn’t been easy. The stripes I bear on my back, under my clothes are deep and the scars are still there. While they have healed over the years, they are still proof of the pain that I have endured to bring me to this point. I also tell them that I am sure they have their own scars and have endured their own pains of life.

Why not try to be what God has designed you to be? Why seek to be like someone else? You don’t know their story of pain, even if they tell it to you. You have not experienced it personally. While you can empathize with them, you cannot fully understand their pain. I love me and all that I represent. I don’t seek to be like anyone but what God has designed me to be; in the image of Christ! Be a representation of what YOUR purpose is and stay in YOUR lane.

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