WVON Holiday co-Hosting w/ Art “Chat Daddy” Sims



It’s the holidays and when we have lost loved ones, we feel some kind of way in spending times doing the same things, because there is a void in our lives. This was my 2nd July 4th holiday without my hubby. I wanted to spend this time encouraging others that may be on the grief journey, to spend the day in a way that works for them. I was honored the be the co-host on WVON 1690AM radio station with the amazing Art “Chat Daddy” Sims. He is such and beautiful and hilarious soul that helped to make the show a success. I provided tips for individuals on coping with their grief, and on how those who know someone going through grief, can help them cope. I think the key take away from the segment was this, “Everyone will have their own timing in how they cope and adjust to dealing with the loss of a loved one, or something that was a significant part of their lives. Grief doesn’t have a date to come to an end and it isn’t just about death of a person, it can include the loss of a job, relationship, close friend, etc. Either way, we must do what is best for us as the situation plays itself out”.

Check out Art “Chat Daddy” Sims on Friday Nights on WVON 1690AM from 6PM-9PM.

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